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Why Facebook blocked Your Website URL?

Facebook is one of the primary source of getting traffic or visitors to new websites. It takes a long time for a new website to become a full SEO. And at this time there is usually less traffic you’ll get from from Google. That’s why most of the new content writers depend on social media, particularly Facebook to caught the initial traffic.

As a new blogger we always try to bring some visitors from there by sharing the link of our website on Facebook. But there is a great problem that Facebook often block our website’s link or url for various reasons. If they keep once url in blocklist, the link can no longer be shared on Facebook. And if this horrible thing happened, you’ll fail to get the desired visitors from Facebook to your website.

Today in EGO, we will discuss why is the domain blocked on Facebook? Hopefully, by reading this article, you can save your favorite website link from being blocked on Facebook. So, let’s start.

1. Sharing URL excessively

When someone creates a website, the link of that website is shared in different groups on Facebook. Facebook’s artificial intelligence blocks your link thinking it is spam when you share your site’s link to different Facebook groups in excessively. And in this way, if the link of the website is shared on Facebook, it can be blocked. But that’s not the only reason. There are also many more reasons.

2. Using spoiled theme or script for website

Many people use malwared themes or PSP scripts on their websites to save money. When you do this, your website link must be blocked on Facebook. Facebook never allows to having malware or virus on publisher website.

3. Website category

Facebook community guideline does not allow some types of website to promote on their platform. Online money making, gambling, dating or pornography sites are among them. So, if you submit the link or ad of this type of websites to Facebook, there is a hundred percent chance that the domain will be blocked.

4. Past record of your domain

Sometime, it can be happened that you brought a new domain and post it on Facebook, and the blocked it instantly. You may be wondering what is the reason for blocking yout new domain? But if you check the past record for that domain, you might find that someone else has already used that domain. And later he sold it to a domain provider. From where you purchased. So, the domain was previously blocked on Facebook from that domain user. As a result, you got the same problem.

So you’re now clear why Facebook blocks domains. Operate your website by following this conditions. But keep in mind that, domains for various verified websites such as Editor Go, Google or BBC, are never blocked by Facebook. Because, they are verified from Facebook.

Check if your domain is verified on Facebook from Facebook’s Developer Tool. Also, find out if anyone else has already used the domain you are using.

Has this post helped you in some way? I would really appreciate a share. Enjoy!

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