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Why to Stay Away From Using NULLED or CRACKED WordPress Theme?

Most of the premium WordPress thems are available on the web at totally free of cost. We can download and use them on our website. But do we think all the nulled and crack themes are safe for us or not? If you have the same questions in your mind, then we want to say, nulled and crack themes aren’t safe for you. Why? Let’s read the article and have a clear concept about the harm of using nulled WordPress theme.

What Are Nulled WordPress Themes?

If you purchase a premium WordPress theme or plugin from the original author, you’ll get a license to use it. They give you a limitation to use the theme or plugin to only a single website. It means you won’t be able to use it on multiple sites.

A developers (Author of the theme or plugin) use licenses to protect their assets from being purchased once and redistributed to ‘friends and family’ for freely. But it is a matter of sorrow that, there are some tech-savvy people who find ways to modify the software and bypass the license in order to use it on multiple websites.

They modify the code of the theme and make it using for many websites. When this happened, this modified version is called a pirated, nulled or cracked version of the original theme or plugin. In a brief, Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are pirated copies of premium WordPress themes and plugins distributed unethically on the web.

So, now you khow all the nulled WordPress plugins and themes are illegal. Pirated software violates copyrights and licenses of the owners. Therefore, it is illegal and has serious consequences that include fines and jail time. Let’s know why you should use them for your website.

1. Security Issue

Malware and virus should be a good enough deterrent to not use crack theme. And if it the subject for a website, it’d be more harmful. Nulled WordPress themes are extremely harmful for WordPress security. They are known to carry malware.

If you collect nulled themes and plugins from any third party, there is no guarantee that they are safe to use. There is no validation process, there are no reviews or any authority that governs such software. The modified code (Previously said) can spread across different files to disguise itself which makes it hard to detect and fix when your website is hacked.

And as though there is no regulation on third party websites, hackers can easily list their nulled software which will have dangerous codes or malware injected inserted into it. So, there’s no telling what a nulled theme or plugin has in store for you.

2. Privacy Problem

As though a nulled WordPress theme can have different kind of malicious code hidden inside, it can include code that will steals information from your website and makes it available to hackers. So, it’s really a grate problem.

You’ll never want to leak your information like username, email address, and passwords. It’s not a problem for you only, but also for the customers if you run an online store or membership website. All the users who are connected with your website can also be at risk.

3. Facing Incompatibility

WordPress authority is constantly developing its software and releasing new versions often. If you use any nulled or crack theme, they wouldn’t be compatible with the new version of WordPress.

Because, plugins and themes follow suit and upgrade their software to ensure they are compatible with the WordPress core. So when you’ll try to update your WordPress and fail to update the nulled plugin or theme, it could cause compatibility issues. Your site can malfunction and break.

4. Really Bad for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part for your website. If you do no SEO your site properly, you’ll fail to catch enough traffic for your site. A nulled theme have the ability to destroy your WordPress SEO completely.

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins often add spam links to your website or hijack your users and redirect them to bad websites. Pirated WordPress themes take a long time to load a page. And this is harm for your SEO score.

5. No Future Updates

If you want to continue your website for a long time, you won’t get any new update from the pirated WordPress themes. The developers of the theme and plugin improve their software, they release updates from time to time. Updates contain a lot of new features, bug fixes, and so on.

If you update WordPress and fail to update the nulled plugin or theme, it could cause compatibility issues. Your site can be break.

At a same time you won’t get any support from the developer. Because, when you choose to use a nulled version of a theme or plugin, you will be disconnected from the developer. So what happens if you face any issue with the nulled theme or plugin which only the developer can solve? To state the obvious, you most certainly won’t be able to contact the developer for help.

So at last we just want to say WordPress has thousands of free plugins and themes on their resource directory. Most of them are even better than many paid theme. You can use them legally with no burden on your conscience and without affecting WordPress community negatively.

We hope this article helped you learn why you avoid nulled WordPress plugins and themes. we recommend activating a security plugin such as MalCare on your WordPress site first. This plugin will proactively defend your website against hack attempts. It will scan your site regularly for malware and any suspicious activity.

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