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Top 5 Tech Website of Bangladesh in 2021

There are none but love technology. It is technology that’s made our life easy and comfortable. In the context of Bangladesh, there is not much website to learn about technology. Although a few news portals occasionally publish various articles on technology, these are not enough. And there are not technology based blogs in Bangladesh. As a result, there are many problems for people’s to gather knowledge about technology in online.

Today we are going to share 5 technology based websites in Bangladesh that only share articles related to technology. You can know details about them from this list and acquire knowledge from their articles.

1. Techtunes

Techtunes is the most popular tech blog in Bangladesh. According to the authority of Techtunes, they are the world’s first, the largest, most popular complete Unicode based technology social media, and social network. They have more than 1 Crore page view and about 10 Lakh unique visitor every month.

This technology based blog is famous for it’s technical community. As they have the largest community of Bangladesh, there are a lot of article to learn about technology. You can visit their site to gain more knowledge. If you’re interested to write on technology, just simply create an account on Techtunes and share your thought with others.

2. Courstika

Courstika is in the 2nd of the list. Courstika is an e-learning platform that share valuable article and blog on various educational topics. Not only institutional and subject base education, they also serve the technical concept among the students. And here the specialty of Courstika. There are a lot of article on Web design and development, freelancing, graphic design and so many life building blog on their website.

It’s really amazing that many tutorial and eBook are available on Courstika. They publish tutorials on text books on various subjects of secondary and higher secondary in Bangladesh. As well as they research on how to make their subjects more easier.

3. TunerPage

According to Alexa Rank in by 2015, TunerPage is ranked 3rd among all the Bengali blogs in the world. It was the world’s second largest Bengali technology blog. The TunerPage has about 2 lakh registered users and the Facebook page has about 1.5 lakh fans and the Facebook group has about 1 lakh active members.

You can share your knowledge about technology with others by TunerPage. Let others know what you know, it will sharpen your knowledge because the more you distribute the knowledge, the more it will gather. Anyone can write about technology on the tuner page, even if you are a non-technical, you can still have your poems, stories, songs, whatever. However, since this is a technology blog, if the following section is written, it will not be seen on the home page, but anyone can read it by clicking on that section.

4. Sachalayatan

Sachalayatan is one of the most popular Bangla blog in Bangladesh. Though it is not specialize on technology only, but you can get enough article on technology here. Sachalayatan serves various article on story, travel, science tech and so on. You can also create account here and share your knowledge with others.

5. Somewhereinblog

Somewhereinblog (also known as Samu) is a Bengali blogging web site. It is the first public blogging site in Bengali established in 2005 and the largest community of Bengali bloggers in the world. It provides free blog posting for registered users. Registration is optional to read on blogs hosted on the site. Registration is required to post in or to comment on the post. Somewhere in blog was banned for eight months

Take it or not, the time we are living in right now has a great influence of education. And the e-learning platform made our education life more easier. The sites we described on the article are give you the opportunity to learn through internet. If you can follow those above Top 10 online education sites in Bangladesh, ewe hope you will get authentic information and knowledge which create a better opportunity for you.

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