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Top 10 Education Website in Bangladesh 2021

You’re looking for the TOP online education platform in Bangladesh, right? Then you are the right place. Here we’ll give you the latest 10 education websites list in 2021 for Bangladesh. We also share those website’s link and you can visit them instantly.

The list is made from the base of online information. You just browse below top 10 websites to get trustful and authentic educational information to study and share your knowledge with your nearest and dearest one. Let’s have a look.

1. 10 Minute School

Learning is a blessing. But not everybody happens to be entitled to it due to a lot of reasons. Distance and financial obstacles are a few of them. 10 Minute School is an educational platform made this concept false. The just brought a revolutionary change in the e-learning sector of Bangladesh.

They have more than 500K students attending the online classes regularly. It is now being sponsored by a Telecom company name ROBI and is being endorsed by numerous public figures. They also achieved many awards from Bangladesh government and private also.

From JSC candidate to Professional workers, everyone can benefit from the contents of 10 Minute School. Their modules are divided into JSC, SSC, HSC, University Admission, University Courses Skill Development and Professional Courses etc.

2. Courstika

Courstika is in the 2nd of the list. Courstika is an e-learning platform that share valuable article and blog on various educational topics. Not only institutional and subject base education, they also serve the technical concept among the students. And here the specialty of Courstika. There are a lot of article on Web design and development, freelancing, graphic design and so many life building blog on their website.

Courstika provide all kinds of education stages information of Bangladesh such as JSC, SSC, HSC and others. They update all the latest education information regularly so that any student can update himself with the latest information quickly.

It’s really amazing that many tutorial and eBook are available on Courstika. They publish tutorials on text books on various subjects of secondary and higher secondary in Bangladesh. As well as they research on how to make their subjects more easier.

3. Repto Bangladesh

Repto can be considered as the deshi version of Udemy or Courssera. The education process here is simple. Many experts prepare the video course on a distinct subject and upload it on Repto. Students enroll in the courses, and get certified after completion of the course.

There are both type of courses in Repto, paid and free. You’ll find different fields of education like Programming, Digital Marketing, Graphic design, Photography, and English language on Repto.

4. LekhaPora BD

According to this website information, they’re the first Bengali education community blog site of Bangladesh. LekhaPora BD provides all kinds of education stages information of Bangladesh. The update all the latest education information regularly so that any student can update himself with the latest information quickly.

LekhaPora BD is the well known educational website in Bangladesh. They have two version their website. Bengali and Englsih. Both of theme are ready to serve you by giving the knowledge you need.

5. Shikkhok Batayon

When the government of Bangladesh introduced the concept about Digital Bangladesh, this website opened to make it true. It has may contribution on digitization of education of our country. The site mainly is enriched with PPT presentation slide contents explaining different terms and topics of school-level academic studies.

There are three mainstreams study contents General, Madrasa, & Technical are available. The contents are prepared and uploaded by different certified teachers of different institutions around the country. The site is completely free to use.

6. Teaching BD

Teaching BD is such a website where you would get all kinds of necessary information regarding educational notes, suggestions and questions’ patterns of school, college, and madrasahs. Particularly you will get here special notes of physics that will be immensely useful to both students and teachers.

The builder of the website is Mr. Md. Shah Jamal who has been serving for 33 years as an Assistant professor of BAF Shaheen College. He expects that this website will meet up all the needs of Bengali version learners /students. He has requested concerned both students and teachers to spread this website home and abroad.


Among all of the e-learning platform of Bangladesh, is one of the oldest platform. Undoubtedly, to most of the youth, has been a hub for knowledge seekers for many years. It was ounded in 2012 and been growing with full potential since then. The lectures are designed for everybody to understand.

The best thing about is that it has a panel of teachers who are expert and excelled in their own educational field. Learn at your freedom from the Freelance corner, Mobile application development, Computer science and technology, Engineering, Language and even subjects from SSC and HSC level.

8. Edpdbd

Edpdbd is one of the leading educational website in Bangladesh. This site has especially featured on admission preparation information and guide. If you’re a candidate of any admission in different institution of Bangladesh, you can be easily benefited by this website.

If you follow the site, you will get proper admission and exam preparation guide. This site provides all information about Pulick University Admission, BCS, IBA, BUET, Medical and all kinds of job preparation.

9. eShikhon

At eShikhon, you can take different model tests to prepare yourself properly. All the subjects from JSC level to HSC and specially BSC test preparation are available here. Just take the topic-wise test at different levels and get prepare yourself.

10. Bangladesh Result

Bangladesh Result is specially famous for knowing results. All types of educational result like PSC, JSC, SSC HSC and so many are available in this website on right time. They also provide download facilities for download medical books, freelancing book and article of medicine and various types of reviews.

Take it or not, the time we are living in right now has a great influence of education. And the e-learning platform made our education life more easier. The sites we described on the article are give you the opportunity to learn through internet. If you can follow those above Top 10 online education sites in Bangladesh, ewe hope you will get authentic information and knowledge which create a better opportunity for you.

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